Parent Portal

Aspen Parent Portal

Access & Use


When first accessing the Aspen Parent Portal:

1. If your school updated your Parent Portal account access your login ID and password will come from [email protected].
2. Go to use the Login ID and Temporary Password provided in the account confirmation email. If this is your first time logging in a password expired message will be received – click ok and follow the instructions for setting up the account.

3. If this is your first time logging into Aspen you can use I forgot my password option by entering your Login ID which is your email address provided to the school then selecting I forgot my password and following the instructions.

Use of the Aspen Parent Portal:

1. Once logged in you can choose your language

2. From the Pages Top Tab move down on the left-hand side to the section Choose my language grey square. The two choices available currently are English and Spanish.

3. From the Family Top Tab finding your children is easy and all should be listed under one parent account.

4. Select the desired child from their blue hyperlinked name

5. The Side Tabs Details and Contacts allows you to confirm that information from the enrollment forms were entered correctly

6. The Daily Attendance Side -Tab will allow you to track your child’s attendance by day and can be opened for details.

7. Attendance can also be viewed from the Academics Top Tab.

a. Then the Attendance Side Tab

8. Report Cards ES can be accessed from Published Reports on the left hand side of Pages. They are uploaded as a pdf.

9. Select the Report Card to download and then open when prompted.

Aspen Parent Portal

Navigation Tips

· To look at just one child’s record select Options then Show Selected.

· When in the Academics Top Tab and you want to select a specific child. Use the Student drop down:
· Anything in Aspen that is blue means it is hyperlinked and can be opened further.

· You can move from one Attendance record to another by using

Instructional Videos These instructional videos will guide you through the ins and outs of the Aspen Parent Portal.